Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

What is different about the Top Toucan approach to finding work?

Top Toucan is a completely new way to find work. We are not trying to find you “a job”, we are trying to find you “The Job”. An ideal job where you fit in – where you like both your work and your employer and they like you, mainly because you agree about what’s important in the job and workplace.

Who is Top Toucan designed for?

Top Toucan is designed for the jobseeker who is time poor, who can’t afford the time it normally takes to search for a new job or send out multiple applications. You just pick a talent pool, complete one profile and you’re done. The Top Toucan algorithm continuously works behind the scenes, without you even being aware of it, looking for a job that suits you better while you are doing other things or working elsewhere.

How does Top Toucan work?

Every jobseeker in the pool gets asked the same questions – the common ones you might be asked in a job interview, and the common questions you might want to ask but quite often, don’t have a chance to ask in an interview.  You post your answers, and get on with your life. When an employer completes a profile for a specific vacancy, Top Toucan ranks every jobseeker in the pool according to the fit of wants, needs, values and what each has to offer. When you are shortlisted, an employer expresses interest or requests an interview via this App. You will receive a notification email from Top Toucan.

How long will it take to complete my profile?

Each profile will take around an hour. We ask that you do not take too long in answering each question. Typically, your gut response is the best.

What if I don’t finish?

As soon as you have answered the first few questions, you are “live” in the pool.  If you don’t complete the profile your matching scores will be poor and you probably won’t be selected.  Only jobseekers who have completed their profile will have access to their reports.  We recommend you allocate the time needed to complete the whole profile in a single sitting (approx. 1 hour).

What reports do I get?

There are some great reports available when you finish. They cover your strengths, your preferences, and the areas you want to develop.

How did Top Toucan come up with the questions?

Working in a consultation with over 100 international organisations and over 1000 employees over several years, we were able to determine the most common questions employers might want to ask an applicant and the most common questions an applicant might want to ask an employer.

Why wouldn’t I just answer yes to everything, and give myself the best chance?

You succeed, not by scoring high, but by answering authentically and truthfully, so you are more likely to match with employers who are happy for you to be yourself, instead of getting frustrated because you’re not somebody else. Top Toucan will match you higher with employers where there is closer alignment of wants, needs and workplace values.

Why am I asked to register incognito?

Register incognito so you can apply for a job without an existing employer knowing about it. Even if you don’t need to be incognito now, you may want to reactivate your profile in the future when you are employed.

How will I be notified if an employer is interested, especially when I have registered incognito?

When an employer is interested, you will receive an email from , requesting that you make contact with them.  The employer’s details will be provided. Make sure the Top Toucan email address is not being blocked by your spam filter. Response is at the discretion of the jobseeker but Top Toucan highly recommends that you always respond even if it is to decline. Each employer retains a permanent record of jobseekers who have failed to respond. You never know when you may like to work for this employer in the future.

How long before I can expect to get a response from an employer?

There is no fixed time for getting a response.  It depends on which employers are searching the pool.

Can I apply for jobs in another pool, apart from the one I have completed a profile for?

Yes.  Employers can select applicants from any pool but most of the time they will select those from the pool that most closely relates to the competencies they require.  If you would like to be considered in another pool, you will need to complete a profile in the additional pool.  Eg, If you are ideally looking for a sales role but would also consider one in customer service, complete two profiles.

Why does Top Toucan group job types into pools?

The job types are based on the key competencies required for that group of jobs. By using pools with a group of roles, we are able to increase the chance of an applicant finding a position and increase the chance of an employer finding someone who is right for them.

Why isn’t there a Top Toucan pool for all job types?

Each pool represents a class of jobs related to a competency framework.  We don’t use guesswork to work out this framework.  We have to create it for each type of work in consultation with multiple applicants and employers. We will be adding new pools for Finance, Admin and Legal roles in the near future.

Should I stop looking for a job once I have completed a Top Toucan profile?

If you are an active jobseeker it is important you use all avenues to help you find a role. You can do this at the same time as your Top Toucan profile is active.

If I have found a job, should I keep my profile active?

Once you have found a job, log in to Top Toucan, go to your preferences page and deactivate your profile. You can reactivate it at any time.

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