Welcome to the new world of employment!

Top Toucan is designed to efficiently deliver you job applicants who are competent, engaged and aligned with your workplace values

By giving you access to a pool of applicants who haven’t even seen your ad. A bigger pool means you can be more selective and improve your chances of finding a great fit applicant.

By ranking applicants by fit, up front. Top Toucan calculates fit by considering what employers and applicants want, need and offer and whether you both agree on key workplace values that are relevant to the role.

Shortlist without advertising or searching. Just complete the profile for the job you are looking to fill and Top Toucan ranks the pool, best fit first.

Shortlist before you have even read a resume. You can skip the resume reading marathon. Start selecting applicants from the top of the list. When you select one, there are drill down reports so you can find out more, or request a resume or an interview with a mouse click.


Invest only one hour to set up the job profile and re-use it multiple times. If you start the profile now, you should be in a position to view your shortlist in about one hour. You only need to do a profile for a job once, and you can come back multiple times and take from the pool to refill if the same position becomes vacant.

Continuous talent pipeline. You have instantaneous access to a continuous flow of new talent. Every time you log in, new applicants will automatically have been added to your pool and ranked against those already there.

Access applicant detail with simple drill down reports. You will be able to discover the detail about an applicant’s strengths, development priorities, workplace preferences and frustrations with their previous employer using the drill down reports.

Communicate with top applicants instantly with one click.

Browse in secret. Only Top Toucan knows that you are a user and that you are looking in the pool. You can browse in secret without applicants knowing until you are ready to communicate your interest. Only applicants who you contact will know you are looking.

a new world of employment

matching people and jobs that really fit