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Our passion is to see people in great jobs they love, enjoying long term employment for employers who love them.

A person can be a top-rated employee in one team, move teams, and within 6 months be terminated for underperformance. How is this possible? The difference comes down to the environment.

It’s important to realise that it is not all about whether an employee measures up to the employer’s expectations; it’s just as important that an employer provides an environment that inspires an individual to perform at their best.

Our belief is that equal emphasis must be placed on whether an employer can provide an environment that will inspire a particular individual, as whether the person has the skills to do the job. Unmotivated staff underperform, while happy, motivated and inspired staff are much more productive.

Our philosophy is that by working out whether an applicant and employer’s wants, needs, job expectations and workplace values match, up front, you can set the stage for a highly productive and rewarding working relationship.

We believe that this should be the first step in the recruitment process – shortlisting applicants where there is alignment of these priorities. Shortlisting on the basis of fit first, can dramatically improve the efficiency of the whole recruitment process, not just for employers, but for employees too.


When you want a new job, most people are up for a long, demoralising process that can take up to a couple of months, and involve a vast amount of wasted time.

Completing a single Top Toucan application that has sufficient detail to cover 95% of the jobs and employers you are interested in, will reduce or even eliminate the time and stress of:

Searching the various job boards

Churning out multiple applications

Repetition of time-consuming proprietary questionnaires and tests that employers insist on

Attending fruitless interviews for jobs where you had a poor chance of success from the start

The constant nagging doubt that your applications aren’t even being looked at

Not knowing where you stand because you hardly ever hear back

Feeling that the process is very unfair and that you don’t get a chance to show your true colours

Getting to the end of a lengthy selection process to find that someone has decided that you are “not a good fit”, based on very subjective criteria, that seemed to amount to whether the interviewer liked you or not

Worst of all, getting a few weeks into your new job and discovering that your new working conditions are worse than your last job

For a person who has a job, the current process is just too time consuming and fraught with headaches to be practical. The result is that a lot of people are stuck in a job that they find far from ideal, simply because they don’t have the vast amount of time necessary to find a new one.

Let Top Toucan solve this for you by doing one profile, setting it and leave the rest to us. Employers will reach out to you directly, so check back on your enquiries page regularly.


When you want to find a new employee, the current process can be very expensive, time consuming, resource demanding and takes up to a month, sometimes longer. Even with all this expense, the vast majority of the talent available doesn’t even know you are looking for people.

Completing a single Top Toucan job profile, enables you to rank a pool of applicants that may have hundreds or even thousands of jobseekers in it. Most of these jobseekers haven’t even looked at the job pages or seen your ad. Some are even star performers working for your competitors but are too busy working to look for a new job.

Top Toucan is designed to reduce or eliminate the time and stress of:

Writing and placing an expensive ad on the job boards, with the knowledge that within a couple of days, your ad will be so far down the list that new applicants may not even see it

Waiting for the applications to come in. If it’s an income producing role, you know it’s costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day while you try to fill the vacancy

The resume reading marathon

The frustration of knowing that outstanding applicants didn’t even see your ad because they were reading the job boards before you placed it, or after it expired

The difficulty of getting expressions of interest from experienced workers, who are employed elsewhere and don’t have the time to apply

The exasperation of knowing that you have implemented a first-class screening process but some of the best applicants don’t complete it because it's easier for them to get a job with someone else without the headache of doing your questionnaire

The massive expense and delays of getting a consultant to conduct searches on your behalf

Reputation risk. Potentially great workers may be left disenfranchised with your brand because they don’t realise just how difficult it is to keep the army of applicants informed of their progress

Finally finding someone who you think will be great but your recruitment process took so long that they took a job elsewhere

Getting to the end, employing someone and then discovering that they don’t fit, or that there are critical differences of opinion about what’s important in the job, or differing workplace values

Finding that someone’s actual performance in the job is not as good as it looked on paper

Staff turnover. One of the factors behind staff turnover is that it is so difficult to hire the right people in the first place. You are not just looking for people who can do the job, but for those who will be motivated and inspired by the working environment you provide


Julius Gilder, Founder & CEO

Julius has more than 20 years’ experience providing HR consulting services to over 100 organisations, many of them international. His particular areas of expertise are sales, marketing and recruitment strategy. Julius has engineered business process improvements for household names like Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Citrix, Novell, Broadcast Australia, World Couriers, Energy Australia and Integral Energy.

Julius’ original training as a Marine Scientist provides the strong scientific grounding in principles of rigour, scientific method and dependability that underpin his approach to solving business challenges and devising business process innovations – exactly what you would expect from a scientist.

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