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"A big problem with the usual hiring process is that often a candidate appears to tick all the right boxes but within days of arrival they just don't seem to "fit in". And that costs both us and them time, money, distraction and pain. I love Top Toucan's focus on "fit" as a crucial matter to understand up front.” R. Jackson. CEO

“This platform is a real game changer for time poor employers. The time it will save me in searching for somebody who meets my criteria including the cultural fit of my team will be significant.” H. Thomas. CEO

It is long overdue that someone came up with a solution to the prohibitive cost of recruitment at the same time as increasing the likelihood of success. Give Top Toucan a go.” A. Cox. CEO

“I have reviewed all the questions in Top Toucan and can honestly say that I can’t think of a question it doesn’t cover. It is very comprehensive”. J Kilbourne. HR Manager

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“The value of the reports I got highlighting my strengths was great.” K. Kennedy. Care Worker.

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